Beoline group - About us

Company „BEOLINE GROUP“ is established in 2005. in Belgrade. Our main activity is designing and manufacturing of ships, boats and yahts and providing consulting as well as all the other shipbuilding services. Designing and manufacturing of ships is done according to rules and regulations of world’s greatest classification societies (Lloyd’s Register, American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Germanisher Lloyd,...)


Our main activities are:


- manufacturing of special service aluminum crats;

- designing and consulting in newbuildings and ship repair;

- supervision in manufacturing, repair and reconstruction of ships;

- manufacturing and fitting of boats, yachts and other vessels;

- installation and fitting of all kinds of ships outboard and inboard engines;

- manufacturing and fitting of stainless steel equipment for ships;

- designing and manufacturing of all kinds of steel and aluminum constructions;

- welding of aluminum and stainless steel alloys (MIG-MAG and TIG);


Large number of projects well done are the best proof that, in the future „BEOLINE GROUP“ will be able to answer the most demanding specific needs of our clients.


Company „BEOLINE GROUP“ d.o.o. has highly educated professional staff with years of experience in shipbuilding. We are fully equiped with the latest software needed for this kind of work.


Furthermore, in our production plant we have skilled workers of all profiles in shipbuilding process. Depending on the needs we are able to form a crew of workers for each specific job. As a team we are adequately trained to meet all customers requirements.


We are hoping that our production line and possibilities will meet your demands, and that we will make business cooperation in the near future.